Too busy to eat right?  No time for the gym?  

"Join A Free Group Focused on 5-Minute Diet And Fitness Hacks To Help You Eat Better, Train Better, & Be Better!"

Amanda, myself, and my son in Fiji!

Finally, a community designed for busy people.

Feel like you're overachieving professionally but at the cost of your health and wellness?

Stress not, you're NOT alone!

This is why I created the 5-Minutes To Fitness community.  To help people, like you, eat better, train better and be better. 

How? By showing you quick hacks you can apply to your diet and fitness.

I've been a personal trainer for over 20 years. Plus, I've served thousands macro nutrient rich meals direct from my food truck in  Las Vegas, Nevada.

The correlation between performing at a high level and "diet & fitness" is undeniable.

Let me show you.

I invite you to be part of our group.  It's a likeminded community focused on self improvement, accountability and results!

Your #1 fan,

-David Swanson 

What others are saying...

"Dave is a well respected trainer and nutritionist for the high stakes poker community. I have a lot of respect for Dave and his commitment to fitness.

It bothers me greatly that he can bench press more than me especially because I use steroids and he refuses to.

He has a phenomenal understanding of nutrition and an unparalleled commitment to finding and using the best ingredients in his meal prep. I would highly recommend Dave as a trainer, nutritionist and maker of babies.

Those are really the only three things he is an expert at. Dave is getting old though and I think it’s time he get on a serious steroid regiment so I can feel better about myself and my performance as it compares to his." 

- Dan Bilzerian
“All American Dave’s workout diet program is second to none. The changes I’ve noticed in my body are incredible. Thank you all American Dave for the improvement in not just my body but my overall mental health”

- Antonio Esfandiari

Side note: Antonio even took on Hollywood superstar Kevin Hart in a friendly boxing match.

Antonio was the big underdog but came out the winner.

Here’s Kevin giving him props.
"Dave makes delicious and healthy food that facilitates optimum performance. The meals he delivers are varied and nutritionally balanced. What a relief not to have to depend on the vegas cheeseburger/pizza diet”

- Jennifer Tilly